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We are a collective of artists, young

people, teachers, community members

and supporters of all kinds. Our Collective

knows no borders and no single biography —

we each bring our own strengths, opinions,

perspectives and personalities to create something



Our commitment is to growth — developing the capacity to meet every moment with openness, curiosity and resilience. Our strength is through each other and the space we create. We give each other permission to challenge, question, and comfort, so we stay accountable to our work and supportive through change.


The ART 180 Collective is committed to the path of growth, purpose, and elevating the creative spirit that makes life more joyful.


We are a collective of creative people cultivating the tools and strength of spirit to meet every moment, every trauma, and every triumph head on.


We are building a future for our collective where freedom is a given, creativity is a lifestyle, and every moment can be met with presence and purpose.

Use art as an amplifier
Whether self-expression or a political message, we use art to raise our voices

Co-create to innovate
When we share the power of creativity equally, we create magic

Make space for everyone’s voice
We ensure everyone has a moment to share their opinions, perspectives, and questions

Take youth seriously
We respect the voices of our youth and invite them to lead

Listen before we speak
We grow through listening

Keep curiosity close
We exercise the muscle of curiosity in all things


At ART 180 we...


We create deep, reflective, and fun programming and events for young people and our community using art as the tool for self-knowledge and joy.

ART 180 is a registered 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1998, operating offices and a youth art center + gallery in the Jackson Ward neighborhood of Richmond, VA.


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