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The Amazing Dream is ART 180's annual grassroots giving campaign. From September 21-25, we are calling on our community to help us raise $15,000 to support and sustain our creative youth programming. Even during COVID, ART 180 continues to provide a safe and nurturing space for young people in Richmond; helping to foster and engage their creative voices. The "dream" of the Amazing Dream belongs to our young people. Help us continue to be part of nurturing this dream. We ask for your support. Make a donation today!

Update: This year's campaign was so successful thanks to generous support from many old friends, new friends, and those in our community that understand the impact our work has for young people in Richmond. This year, we raised $26,878 over the course of one week. That's over $10,000 past our initial goal and we are humbled and so grateful for your support! This is all possible because of the collective support of many of our small donors. Everyone that contributed, whether $5 or $500 has our gratitude.


Meredith and John Arendale

Breanne Armbrust

Chris Barker

Stephen Batsche

Greg and Emily Bauer

Annie and Corey Benjamin

Samuel Bjorklund

Scott Blackwell

Annie Blazer

Megan Bolten

Regina Boone

Rob and Sharon Brager

Ellie Burke

Melissa Childs

Jennifer Christensen

Joshua and Adrienne Cole Johnson

Anita Coleman Wynn

Joan and David Coogan

Allison Cosby

Eric Creasman

Crossroads Art Center

Sheri and Tom Crowell

Philip and Kay Davidson

Matt and Stephanie Davidson

Rob Davidson

Marisa Day

Cheryl and Paul Dillard

Robert Dortch

Kim Doty

Birch Douglass

Marty Dunbar

Kim and Michael Elder

Sarah Elliott

Nancy Falcone and Mark Vasas

Nancy Falcone and Mark Vasas

Marsha Feldstein

Tiffany Ferreira

Franklin Lindsey

Barbara and Bob Fultz

Barbara Garazo

Vaughn and Traci Garland

Frank Gilliam

Taekia and Hamilton Glass

Michael and Grace Golden

Martha Guthrie

Liz Hass-Hill

Jan Hatchette

Mary Holland and Eric Norbom

Nicole Holland

Martha Hrank

Timothy Hurley

Tammy and Brian Jackson

Melissa Jiulianti

Leslie Johnson

Darius and Monique Johnson

Margaret Jones

Helene and Tom Kastenbaum

Sally Kemp

Sarah and Steve Kim

Ellen Kim

Aijung Kim

Noah Kim

Elizabeth King and Carleton Newton

Jen and John Kostyniuk

Eliza Lamb

Vickie and John Levy

Monica Lewis

Ron and Charlotte Lively

Laura Loe

Nancy and Chris Lucy

Nancy and Chris Lucy

Amanda Macdonald

Adria Martinelli

Sarah Masters

James Matthews

Natalie May

Sheena Mayfield

Jill McGrath

Matt McKay

Edith Mejia

Howard and Carol Mendelsohn

Tricia Monasterio

Julia Monroe

Lane and Billy Mosby

Jeff Murphy

Erica Murray

Jim Myers

Corbin and John Neuner

Sally O'Brien

Ian O'Brien

David O'Brien

Sean and Lili O'Brien

Carson Overstreet

Frosty Owen

Erin Painter

Laurie Parfitt

Patty Parks

Leslie and Graham Parlow

Marlene Paul

Jerry Peters

Sarah Posey and Josh Roy

Martha and Bobby Proutt

Siv Ranko and Bill Barrett

Beth and Bill Reichert

David Rennolds

Quentin Reynolds

Jennie and Chris Romero

Elsie Rose and Lyall Shank

Stephanie Saccone and Paul Mayock

Diego Sanchez and Jennifer Garvin-Sanchez

Anne Savedge

Paula Saylor-Robinson and Danny Robinson

Cindy Seel

Cullen and Rosemary Seltzer

Kim Smith

Arpie Starke

Courtney Stubbs

Mollee Sullivan

Betsy Thomas

Linda Thomas

Andy Thornton and Sarah Paxton

Maggi Tinsley

Charles Tinsley

Eric Tomlin

Karen Townsend

Peggy Van Yahres

Bruce Vanderbilt

Suzanne Vinson

Paula Wachsstock

Peggy Walz

Julie and Paul Weissend

Amy Wentz

Rachel White

Brooks Whitten

Jen and Mark Whittenberg

Lawson and Romesh Wijesooriya

Sue and Allen Wimett

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