Atlas Programs

All teen programs take place at Atlas, ART 180's art center for teens, located at 114 W. Marshall Street, on the corner of Brook Road and Marshall Street.

Any questions should be directed to

Maurice Jackson, Program Manager for all Atlas programs,

or 804-233-4180


Programs are first come, first serve, so sign up soon before they fill up! 

Virtual program have a cap of 15 participants and in-person programs are capped at 9.




Programs begin June 21 and end August 13

Registration is now open!

Podcasting With Purpose

Held in-person at our Atlas Gallery

Mondays | 3 - 5 p.m.

Led by teaching artists Nicki Stein & Justina Hall


Description:   In Podcasting with Purpose, youth will be introduced to the skills and technology required to make their own professional-sounding podcast or radio story that reflects their personal passions, curiosities, and lived experiences. The core concepts and themes of the program will be about uplifting youth voices, encouraging youth to believe in and follow their curiosities and everyday questions about the world, but most importantly to get youth excited about working with audio and exploring the radio landscape. Audio is an excellent medium for encouraging personal growth because it requires a great deal of vulnerability and self-reflection. In learning new recording, editing, and interviewing skills youth will gain a technical toolbox for the future. Youth will also be free to explore topics they care about, which will lead to greater self-awareness of their unique talents and gifts.

Poetry In Motion

Held virtually via Zoom
Tuesdays | 1 - 2:30 p.m.
Led by teaching artists Lindsay Young & Jared Duesterhaus

Description:Explore the ways in which both poetry and animation bridge gaps and break down time, imagery and language. Investigate alternative experience of linear time with media tools and artistic mediums to create new perspectives and possibilities. Create and animate worlds from different time periods using short poems and visuals. 

Spotlight On Us: Community Engagement through Image Making and Photography

Held virtually via Zoom
Tuesdays | 3 - 4:30 p.m.
Led by teaching artists Jazmine Beatty & MJ Minutoli 

Description:Through the lens of photography and the craft of art making, we encourage youth through conversation and collaboration to turn their eyes onto parts of their communities they feel deserve the spotlight. Local businesses and their founders, local animals, the large tree on the corner, a park to get lost in, moments and locations and people who make them feel grounded. 

Digital Design Studio

Held in-person at our Atlas Gallery
Wednesdays | 1 - 3 p.m.
Led by teaching artists Barry O’keefe & Davonte Bradley

Description:In Digital Drawing Studio we will explore projects including poster design, logo design and digital illustration. We'll learn how to use new software and new digital tools. We'll set up our program like a real design firm - creating and critiquing sketches together, making revisions, and final drafts - practicing the skills that real designers use in the studio. 

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Our Teen Leadership Council is made up of a group of a special group of teens working on projects aiming to develop their unique voice and leadership skills. Last year, our 2019 Teen Leadership Council banded together to help one of our members, Natalia Mangaroo, 18, with her high school senior project. The 12th grader from Open High tapped into the artistic experiences she gained from ART 180 to give Paradise Park, a beloved Richmond treasure hidden in the heart of the Fan, a fresh coat of paint.

“I decided to do this as my senior project because we used to come here all the time for field trips in elementary school. This was such a happy place for me when I was little, and it made me sad to see it not as it used to be. So I decided to revamp it so that the younger kids who come here now feel the same joy that I felt when I was their age.” -Natalia