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Atlas Programs

Atlas is ART 180's art center and gallery, a safe space for teens to relax, create, and explore new mediums of art and production. We offer new arts programs throughout the year where teens can learn from and collaborate with professional artists while developing their own creative skills. Past programs have explored animation, poetry, podcasting, audio production, beat making, character design, digital design, fashion design, zine making, etc.


Our Atlas gallery is located at 114 W. Marshall Street, on the corner of Brook Road and Marshall Street.

Any questions should be directed to Maurice Leoni-Osion, Director of Atlas programs, or 804-233-4180.



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Our Atlas programs are open to all Richmond high school students and are offered at
no-cost. Sign up for one, two, or all three of our spring programs!

Walking Through Walls

Tuesdays | 5 - 7 p.m., January 31 - April 25

Artistic Medium: Animation, Illustration, Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Media (watercolor, acrylics, canvas, collage materials, charcoals, colored pencils, etc.)

Held in-person at our Atlas Gallery
Led by teaching artists Cate Duckwall & Sarah Hawkins


Build worlds, design characters, and animate your stories in Walking Through Walls. In this program, you will use different ways of creating–watercolor, acrylics, canvas, collage materials, charcoals, colored pencils, whatever you want!–to develop characters and landscapes and then use AR (Augmented Reality) to animate your designs. You'll learn Adobe Premiere and After Effects skills. By the end of the program, you will curate an exhibition that will showcase your younique canvas in ART 180’s Atlas Gallery as audiences use their phones to view your animate walk cycle and worlds on top of your canvas. 

Sign up and learn how phones create an Augmented Reality in Walking Through Walls.

Open Studios

Wednesdays | 5 - 7 p.m., February 1 - April 26

Artistic Medium: Open to all mediums

Held in-person at our Atlas Gallery
Facilitated by teaching artist Nadd Harvin


Inspired by the collaborative energy shown in our summer artist residency program, ART 180 is offering Open Studios for our upcoming fall semester. Every Wednesday, we will open up our Atlas Gallery, provide art materials, and open hours for all young artists from 9th through 12th grade looking for a space to create. Work on personal or school projects, make new friends and artist-collaborators, take inspired field trips, and deepen your artistic development while creating alongside professional artists.

Sole Love: The Stories of Sneakers

Thursdays | 5 - 7 p.m., February 2 - April 27

Artistic Medium: illustration and design

Held in-person at our Atlas Gallery
Led by teaching artists Dallas Roquemore & Khalid Thompson

Join a team of sneakerheads to have conversations and learn how to creatively rehab and customize sneakers for yourself, friends, family, and future clients. Sneakers can be an artistic expression of identities and cultures;  used to communicate moments, messages, and who you are. Whether you sport a fresh pair as an ode to your favorite basketball legends and hip-hop heroes or curate collections of kicks, they are often the piece captivating an audience to your appearance. In the program Sole Love, you will use paints, colored pens, crafts, fabrics, refound objects, etc., to convey your story and vision through sneakers. At the end of the program, you will exhibit your customs at ART 180's 25th Big Show 25th Anniversary.

*Check out an ep of Fresh Pair to check out the world of custom sneakers!


Get a peek of our gallery in this vid from some of our program participants!

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