[ We are artists, writers, musicians, poets, dancers and everyday people working to create change in young people’s lives through art. ]

Ten Things You Can Do right Now!

1. Buy a product

Purchase one of our books, a T-shirt, or the latest program related item.
Go there now!

2. Introduce 5 friends to ART 180

Just talking about Art 180 with your friends can help spread the word. Bring them to an ART 180 event.

3. Do you have a website?

By linking to us you'll be exposing us to even more good-hearted folks.
I can link!

4. Join our mailing list or e-mail list

It only takes a second and can keep you in the know. Use that handy box on the left under the navigation to input your email address. It's secure and we'll never comprimise your information. Or if you can give us your mailing address, we can mail you updates and invitations. Just go here.

5. Use your mouse

Use for your online searches and, especially, for your purchases. Each time you use GoodSearch as a search engine you add a penny to our bank. Even better, you can link to nearly all your favorite online stores (Amazon, iTunes, Travelocity, Zappos, Apple, etc.) through Good Search and if you do, a percentage of the sale goes to ART 180.

Just go to Good Search.  You will be asked who do you good search for? Type in ART 180 and hit verify.Then look for the Good Shop button - there you will find participating stores. By going to the stores through Good Search, your purchase (at no extra cost to you) helps support a young person paint, draw, write or sing.

6. Make a financial contribution.

Anything helps and we appreciate it immeasurably.
Donate here.

7. Donate other services.

We can use printing, mailing, design, photography, or audio-visual production services. If you have something you think can help, tell us.

8. Volunteer

From full-fledged programs to a couple hours of selling tees, we can use you.
You tell us.

9. Encourage a young artist

Even if you're too busy, you can help a young artist discover their potential. It pays dividends later on in life.

10. Listen

Frequently, all a young person needs is to be listened to and shown respect. This does wonders to help self-esteem and self-confidence.